HF-Tel service

HF-Tel offers the following exclusive Radio-Telephone services for VKS-737 Radio Network subscribers.


Secall calls to a single pre-allocated telephone number is available for $13 per month per telephone number; this includes 10 minutes worth of calls.

Direct Dial Radio-Telephone calls to any fixed or mobile telephone number within Australia is available for $13 per month and includes 10 minutes worth of calls.
  • Setup fee of $13.00 per application applies for the use of these services.
  • Excess calls are charged at $1.30 per minute.

These services are provided by HF-Tel (a division of the Australian National 4WD Radio Network) allowing easy to use 'short-term' or 'long-term' radio-telephone facilities exclusive for VKS-737 Radio Network subscribers

  • The Direct Dial service is only available on Telcall equipped radios such as:

                     > Barrett 250, 550, 950 & 2050;
                     > Codan 8528, 9323, NGT & Envoy;
                     > Icom F7000, F8100 & F8101;
                     > Q-Mac HF90;
                     > Radios fitted with a Jenal SC-2 Selcall Microphone.

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