The Australian National 4WD Radio Network Inc. is a Public Benevolent Institution.
All gifts of $2.00 or more to the Network are allowable tax deductions to the donor under
Item 1 Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997
ABN 92 486 729 762


Established in 1993, the network is managed by Administration Staff , Committee Members and volunteers including Message Coordinator, Base Station Operators and Show Representatives.

We are licenced by the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) and subscribers must  comply with all provisions of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

See our PDF document

[DOC 21 Conditions of use of the VKS-737 Radio Network]

Sponsors of the VKS-737 Network currently include:
• 4WD Spectacular & Outdoor Recreation Show
• Caravan & Camping Industries Association of SA

• Codan Radio Communications
• Grimmo Promotions

Further information on aspects of the VKS-737 Network can be found on the Documents page.


The Network presently has in excess of 5000 subscribers, and this figure is steadily growing.
The Network maintains a database containing all user details. Apart from the Name, Callsign and Selcall entries, information in the database is confidential.

For further details refer to our Privacy Code of Practice.
Download POLICY 02 Privacy Code of Practice (PDF)

Licence fees are due no later then 30th November of each year.
For 2018 the GST inclusive fee is $144.00 per year


Unfinancial users are unauthorised and therefore may not use a VKS-737 callsign and/or transmit on our allocated frequencies. Callsigns of unfinancial users may be re-allocated to new users subscribing to the Network.